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About us

  • Our company specialises in mining and processing Caucasian oak using a high-tech equipment. All our products conform to European standards as the result of our significant experience in timber processing and availability of all necessary equipment such as table saws and crosscut saws by German company PAUL, WEING AG, Italian company SENTAURO S.P.A., Polish company WOODMIZER and Czech company STÖRI MANTES s.r.o.
  • Our company’s offices are located in France, Germany and Moscow. The finished production is stored in a warehouse in the Czech Republic. The timber processing takes places in our workshop in Krasnodar Region, the place where the oak grows.
  • We have all the necessary documents for wood logging, transportation and custom clearance.
  • We love wood and take care of forest resources, making sure not to allow waste during the timber treatment. This approach contributes to an attractive and competitive price of our products.

Caucasian oak

  • The wood of Caucasian oak from Krasnodar is mostly light-brown. It turns dark very quickly without any treatment. This is a very heavy, firm and solid type of wood known for high natural resistance against external impacts. The density at 12% humidity is 720kg/m3. Treated surface is very smooth.
  • The Krasnodar oak can be used for the parquet, veneer sheets, furniture, machinery, beverage packaging (wine and beer barrels) and tanning industries.

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+7 (909) 018-01-30

Krasnodar: г. Белореченск Краснодарского края

+7 (909) 018-01-30

Prague: ZBIROVIA a.s. Sládkova

+7 (909) 018-01-30

Germany: ART RUVEL GmbH Westerbachstraße 47 60489 Frankfurt a.M

+33 610143936

France: 10 rue Gabriel Goudy 44200 Nantes

+33 610143936

Our production

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Oak slab
What is a Live Edge Slab? A live edge slab is the uncut side of a piece of lumber, or slab. Folks will sometimes even leave the bark for character, but most often that is removed. I could go either way! Working with live edge slabs on your projects is one of the more sustainable options. But don’t worry, we’ll get more into this in a later post. Where Can You Get a Live Edge Slab? Logs that come from a property expansion, or development clearings are ideal.  You would be shocked at how much metal you’ll find in urban logs.  Nails, chain, barb wire, cement and all kinds of crazy stuff.  I heard a story of one walnut log that came out of Melrose, MA that had NINE NAILS on a single pass at 14″ intervals, which was probably the ladder up the tree to the tree house.  That stuff destroys blades.  I like the idea of recycling a lot and all this wood
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Oak solid wood panel
In solid wood panels, individual softwood lamellae are sorted, planed, and assembled into multi-layered boards consisting of parallel outer layers and at least one core layer perpendicular to the orientation of the outer layers. Adhesive is used to bond the lamellae. Thus swelling and shrinkage due to climatic changes is minimal. Solid wood panels have a symmetric lay-up and the thickness of the outer layers is recommended to be at least 5 mm to fulfil the requirements for loadbearing structural timber components. No open joints are allowed in the core layer.
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Oak strips (frise)
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Planks (boards), edged board
Harvesting When a tree is ready for harvesting and has been felled, the trunk is usually debranched and cut into butt log, middle log, top log and one to three sections of pulpwood. Crown and branch wood can be collected up to be chipped and used as forest fuel. Smaller trees that are felled during thinning, for example, are cut into pulpwood or small-dimension sawlogs (top diameter 120–200 mm).  Sawmills Sweden currently has around 140 sawmills, which produce over 10,000 cubic metres of sawn wood products per year. Production is being concentrated among ever fewer companies, with the individual sawmills specialising in wood types and product groups. Of the total production in Sweden of around 17 million cubic metres sawn wood products (2011), the 10 biggest companies account for around 60 percent and the 20 biggest companies account for around 80 percent of the country
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Oak unedged board
This board is obtained by cutting the log in the first place. The main distinguishing feature is the presence of bark and rough edges. New fashion for undedged lumber Regardless of the type of saw in the sawmill, the unedged board is the first output product. Next, the woodworker is faced with the question - to leave the unedged board as it is or to process it later. The last 5-10 years, due to the fashion on the live edge, the scope of application of unedged boards has expanded.  If earlier it was a product of fast processing or a product for extremely thrifty craftsmen, now the unedged board is included in the list of mandatory goods in the carpentry shop. So, unedged board in its original form is used for tables, table tops, window sills, benches and decor. Price and other features of unedged boards The cost of unedged boards is lower than of the

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