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Oak unedged board

This board is obtained by cutting the log in the first place. The main distinguishing feature is the presence of bark and rough edges.

New fashion for undedged lumber

Regardless of the type of saw in the sawmill, the unedged board is the first output product.

Next, the woodworker is faced with the question – to leave the unedged board as it is or to process it later.

The last 5-10 years, due to the fashion on the live edge, the scope of application of unedged boards has expanded.  If earlier it was a product of fast processing or a product for extremely thrifty craftsmen, now the unedged board is included in the list of mandatory goods in the carpentry shop.

So, unedged board in its original form is used for tables, table tops, window sills, benches and decor.

Price and other features of unedged boards

The cost of unedged boards is lower than of the edged ones.  In the manufacture of the obtained maximal output coefficient from the barrel. If in the trunk 1 m3 of wood, then the output unedged board is 0.85 m3.

However, the unedged wood is more difficult to dry. The drying process is affected by any features of the wood.  One knot is able to change the geometry of the whole board in the process of drying. Therefore, drying of the unedged board requires a special approach.

In the European classification, unedged board sometimes has the designation B, from the word Boul.  In this case, we are talking about a stack of boards, sawn from one log.