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Oak slab

What is a Live Edge Slab?

A live edge slab is the uncut side of a piece of lumber, or slab. Folks will sometimes even leave the bark for character, but most often that is removed. I could go either way! Working with live edge slabs on your projects is one of the more sustainable options. But don’t worry, we’ll get more into this in a later post.

Where Can You Get a Live Edge Slab?

Logs that come from a property expansion, or development clearings are ideal.  You would be shocked at how much metal you’ll find in urban logs.  Nails, chain, barb wire, cement and all kinds of crazy stuff.  I heard a story of one walnut log that came out of Melrose, MA that had NINE NAILS on a single pass at 14″ intervals, which was probably the ladder up the tree to the tree house.  That stuff destroys blades. 

I like the idea of recycling a lot and all this wood will either be burnt to ashes or ground up; much better to use it for beautiful furniture instead. You can invest in milling equipment yourself or find someone to do the milling for you.